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I have been to three Waltari concerts so far and none of them have disappointed us. That´s why I and my friends decided to go to the festival in Kraliky.

The festival was excellent despite the fact that we spend only one day there and we were looking forward to the performance of our favorite group Waltari.

We had to wait for about one hour till the compére entered with the greeting from Waltari in their native language (nemelem pekelem) which nobody understood.

Then the two Waltari guitar players came running along the stage and next their lead singer Hatakka appeared in a fake fur coat.

His bass guitar stopped playing after his long jump. It look a half of song "Radium round" until their technician succeeded in repairing it. The rest of the concert continued without any technical complications.

Waltari played songs mostly from "Radium Round", "Space Avenue" and also hits such as "Vogue" or "Forest".

Their performance was diversified with spectacular light effects and such creations of motion of all members as "Viking clamour" or " Cossack dance".

Waltari didnít forget to thank all the audience in Czech words "Diky".

Zbynek : )